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Charlos from Gocmenkoy. HB training
KKTC bayragi, Sitenin Turkce versiyonu

K9 Training Center

Tetra E. Lev Praee. A very special Working German Shepherd Dog producer.. Aquired from Lev Praee Kennels Israel. Phto courtesy of Mr. Amnon Ben Ishack, former of IWGSDC.
Mango from Gonyeli FGO training
Mango from Gonyeli FGO training
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Training Programs
HB House Breaking
Bh Basic Companion Dog
FGO Foundational General Obedience
OB Obedience 1-3
SchH Schutzhund A,1-3
Wh Watch Dog Test

AD Endurance Test
FH Tracking 1-2
BpDh Railway Police Dog
LwH Avalanche Dog
ZH Customs Dog 1-3

ZFH Customs Tracking

PFP Police Tracking Dog
RtH Search & Rescue
PH Police Dog
HGH Herding Dog
BIH Blind Leader Dog
Hunting Variety

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RtH - SAR Club

The SAR club is a club for serious people who wish to play a role in any future disaster were their talents and their dogs talents may be able to play a role.

The SAR club consists of Missing person and Earthquake Search and Rescue training. Candidates are taught how to work as a team and work through scenarios. Dogs are taught how to use their special bodily functions to serve in such crises. SAR club members have more work and learning then their team mate does. Club members must be older then 18 years of age and have no traveling restrictions. Members must care for both animals and humans and have a true will to help people in need. Club members do not receive a pay check for their time and work but actually are asked to donate instead. SAR Club members dog training is carried out totally free of charge. This free training includes required obedience and nose work training.

Please email for more details

Training is held once every two weeks and club members who have completed the course are subject to at least one training course every two months. These members will be ready on call at all times.

Training is held to be as fun as possible, just like the IWD Club members thrive for training days.


Do note that SAR can be a messy job and real life scenarios are generally upsetting experiences.