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Charlos from Gocmenkoy. HB training
KKTC bayragi, Sitenin Turkce versiyonu

K9 Training Center

Tetra E. Lev Praee. A very special Working German Shepherd Dog producer.. Aquired from Lev Praee Kennels Israel. Photo courtesy of Mr. Amnon Ben Ishack, former of IWGSDC.
Mango from Gonyeli FGO training
Mango from Gonyeli FGO training
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Training Programs
HB House Breaking
Bh Basic Companion Dog
FGO Foundational General Obedience
OB Obedience 1-3
SchH Schutzhund A,1-3
Wh Watch Dog Test

AD Endurance Test
FH Tracking 1-2
BpDh Railway Police Dog
LwH Avalanche Dog
ZH Customs Dog 1-3

ZFH Customs Tracking

PFP Police Tracking Dog
RtH Search & Rescue
PH Police Dog
HGH Herding Dog
BIH Blind Leader Dog
Hunting Variety
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Price List



Dogs for sale





Currently we are completing new training area.
We will have the following premises available for accommodation:



  • Fees are paid in advance. (We do accept weekly in advance installments.)
  • Reservation and a %10 discount for total stay is required at time of reservation. Un refundable on cancellation)
  • Dogs left for over 2 extra days without prior agreement are subject to an extra %25 fee for extra un-agreed accommodation.


All dogs to enter boarding facilities must have fulfilled required procedures before hand. An agreement will be signed by both party's at time of deposit payment. An authorized personnel will sign the agreement the day your dog enters the facility. Payments etc. are openly stated on the agreement along with date of pickup. If you require lengthening the agreement this can be done in a minimum of three days before pickup date via personal contact or by fax or email, failure to do so will result as an extra %25 fine for every day after agreed pick-up date.


Available Accommodation

1. HB training Rooms. These rooms are directly connected to the indoor training area. Providing easy supervision and socialization. The rooms are 1.5m by 1m closed housing with 1.5m by 1.5m covered open area runs. A single adult may be housed or put to three puppy siblings may be housed in these areas. In the case of HB trainees only a single puppy or dog per housing is allowed.

2. Quarantine Rooms: These area fully closed areas for dogs subject to quarantine, dogs in lab our or in heat. A single dog or up to 3 puppy's that have been living together are allowed to stay in a single room.

3. Open Pen: These are 4m by 4m open area pens. Trainee dogs will b using these areas as a waiting area. Boarding will also be provided in certain pens were up to 4 dogs or 12 puppies will be staying (different owners), owners also have the option of renting a complete pen.

4. Standard Kennel: These are 2m by 1 meter closed area, 2m by 2 meter covered area runs suitable for single, multiple, pregnant or new born dogs accommodation Dogs to stay together must be already living together. 2 adults, 6 puppies, or mother and puppy's may use these rooms.

5. Penthouse Kennel: These are standalone 4m by 2 meter closed pens. Penthouse type


Accommodation Price List:

Accommodation Price List:

Kennel Guest +1 dog (per dog)
1. HB Training Rooms
2. Quarantine Rooms
3. Open Area Pen Mixed social dogs or puppy's
4. Standard Kennel
5. Penthouse Kennel



Training Price List



Candidates that stay at the center are subject to an additional boarding fee according to your choice of kennel. This fee is paid in advance and may be divided into weekly installments. Boarding price list.

Training at your own premises has an extra fee that is subject to the distance of the training grounds from the training center. Fee is paid weekly in advance.

In partial program training, fees are paid as %30 prior to training, %30 at middle of expected training period and %40 at the passing stage (end of training)

In packet program training, fees are divided into equal monthly installments.

A %5 discount is applied to fully made payments prior to partial training programs.

A %10 discount is applied to packet programs that are fully paid prior training.

In partial training any 'child course' successfully completed are discounted from 'mother program' and therefore only the price difference of the 'mother program' is charged. eg. OB1 is a 'child course' of OB2. Please look at the continuation chart to see which 'child program' is nested with which' mother program' (continuance program).

Rec. Training Age Min. Certificate Ent. Course Explanation Training Option Total (£) Courses accounted for discount description
8-12 week   HB House Breaking 1 50   House Rules, potty training, sit for food..
2-6 Month   FGO Foundation General obedience 1,2,3,4,5,6 250   Basic foundation obedience, communication, sit,lay etc.
6-12 Month 12 Month Bh Basic Companion Dog 1,2,3,4,5,6 350   Sit, stay, down..
3-18 Month   FGO+ Foundation General Ob. Extra 1,2,3,4,5,6 300   Foundation for high obedience requiring courses
6-18 Moth   OB1 Obedience 1 1,2,3,4,5,6 400 FGO / FGO+/ Bh Entrance level obedience, don't pull, stay, sit, stand etc.
10-18 Month   OB2 Obedience 2 1,2,3,4 500 OB1 Obedience level 2. Long stays, heel, etc.
12-24 Month   OB3 Obedience 3 1,2,3,4 650 OB2 Competition level obedience.
18-36 Month   OB3+ Obedience 3+ 1,2,3,4 800 OB3 High obedience
6-36 Month 18 Month SchHA Schutzhund A 1,2,3,4 450 OB1 Schutzhund entry level. No tracking
6-36 Month   SchH1- Schutzhund 1- 1,2,3,4 500 OB1 / SchHA Schutzhund entrance level. Tracking, Protection, Obedience
12-36 Month 18 Month SchH1 Schutzhund 1 1,2,3,4 600 OB1 / SchHA/1- Level of the Schutzhund title. Will qualify for IPO1aswell.
14-36 Month 19 Month SchH2 Schutzhund 2 1,2,3,4 850 SchH1 /OB2 Second Level of Schutzhund and will qualify for IPO2
18-36 Month 20 Month SchH3 Schutzhund 3 1,2,3,4 1050 SchH2 Competition Level of Schutzhund
6-36 Month 18 Month Wh Watch Dog 1 325 FGO / FGO+ / Bh Basic Watchdog test for alertness
12+ Month 18 Month AD Endurance Test        
4-36 Month 18 Month FH Tracking 1,2,3,4 450 OB1  
8-36 Month 19 Month FH1 Advanced Tracking 1,2,3,4 550 OB1 / FH  
12-36 Month 20 Month FH2 Higher Tracking 1,2,3,4 750 FH1  
*** *** BpDH railway Police Dog        
12+ Month 20 Month LwH Avalanche Dog Yurt Disi LD   SAR for avalanche
4-12 Month 18 Month ZH1 Customs Dog 1 1 650 OB1 Fundamental requirements for customs working
12-20 Month 19 Month ZH2 Customs Dog 2 1 950 ZH1 Learning second level smells. Narc. Etc.
18-24 Month 20 Month ZH3 Customs Dog 3 1 1250 ZH2 Last part of learning illegal products and threatening gestures
8+ Month 21 Month ZFH Customs Tracking Dog 1 1400 SchH1/2/3  
8+ Month 21 Month PFP Police Tracking Dog 1 1400 SchH1/2/3  
12+ Month 21 Month RtH Search and Rescue Full 1,2,3,4 950 OB2 All features of SAR. SAR working dog
12+ Month 21 Month RtH Branch Search and Rescue Branch 1,2,3,4 150   Single SAR branch. Eg. Earthquake Search and Rescue Dog
8+ Month 21 Month PH Police Dog 1 1250 SchH1/2/3  
8-36 Month 18 Month PSP1 Police Guard Dog 1 1 475 OB1  
12-36 Month 19 Month PSP2 Police Guard Dog 2 1 675 PSP1 / OB2  
18-36 Month 20 Month PSP3 Police Guard Dog 3 1 875 PSP2 / OB2  
12+ Month 21 Month HGH Herding Dog 5,6 950 OB1/2 Herding and escorting live stock
6+ Month 21 Month Esleme Av 1 600 FGO Search and scare prey to openings
6+ Month 21 Month Toprak Av 1 600 FGO Rabbit Trail and directing
6+ Month 21 Month Ter Av 1 600 FGO Retrieve wounded/shot prey
6+ Month 21 Month Öncü Av 1 600 FGO Track and point
6+ Month 21 Month Set' Av 1 600 FGO Track and Direct
6+ Month 21 Month Aport Av 1 600 FGO Retrieve dead prey
4+ Month 36 Month BIH Blind Leader Dog 1 1500 OB3+  
4+ Month 24 Month K-9   1 1500 OB3+  
24+ Month 25 Month K-9 Sp. Br.   1 LD    




Training Program Discounts:
(Proof will be required)


Up to %5

If you have made a donation to an animal protection group in the past 6 months you will receive a discount from enrolled program. We will discount for up to %5 of the course fee. Note: Purchasing receipts are not valid.



•  Partial Training Programs paid fully in advance

•  Dogs adopted from rescue shelters. (You most probably saved the dogs life or another dogs life who will be placed in the emptied space you kindly created. )

•  Registered pure breeds that fit their breed standard. (Easier to train, have their own book value so instructors know more about what to expect and which method works best. Another reason is we dearly encourage true pure-breed adoption in the interest of the dog world)



•  Dog owners that are involved with animal protection, shelters etc. that provide their service as a charity.

•  Packet Training Programs paid fully in advance



• Dogs to work for government duties.

•  Our own breed dogs (reasonable gesture…)



•  This discount is applied solely to RtH (SAR) branch or specialty programs where the dog owner signs an agreement that in a case of emergency or disaster they will, if and when asked turn their dog in for its assistance throughout the period, its services will be used for. (Participating dog must qualify required screening process)

•  Joint ownership of registered pure breed dogs that are to compete in competitions.



•  This discount is solely applied to RtH (SAR) branch specialty training (SAR Club members) where owner agrees to participate as handler with candidate, if and when called for their services throughout the period their services are required. E.g. collapsing building, earthquake etc. (Participating team must qualify required screening)


The above mentioned discount for RtH training covers "Earthquake Dog" training solely


All prices and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.





German Shepherd Dogs:

Our own breeding's:


FCI registered:
Standard Coat: £500 (HB trained)
Smooth long coated: £350 (HB trained)

FIC registered:
£300 - £350 HB training included

Working Lines:
IWGSDC registered: £650 (HB trained, IWD type FGO training included)

IWGSDC registered import: £1,250 (HB trained, IWD type FGO training included)

Working Line Von Raben puppy's LIMITED special offer:
£1,500 (3 year IWD title training included. HB + FGO + OB1,2,3 + IWD)

Vaccinations are included in all above prices.

Please call for available green, trained, and titled adults.