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Charlos from Gocmenkoy. HB training
KKTC bayragi, Sitenin Turkce versiyonu

K9 Training Center

Tetra E. Lev Praee. A very special Working German Shepherd Dog producer.. Aquired from Lev Praee Kennels Israel. Photo courtesy of Mr. Amnon Ben Ishack, former of IWGSDC.
Mango from Gonyeli FGO training
Mango from Gonyeli FGO training
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Training Programs
HB House Breaking
Bh Basic Companion Dog
FGO Foundational General Obedience
OB Obedience 1-3
SchH Schutzhund A,1-3
Wh Watch Dog Test

AD Endurance Test
FH Tracking 1-2
BpDh Railway Police Dog
LwH Avalanche Dog
ZH Customs Dog 1-3

ZFH Customs Tracking

PFP Police Tracking Dog
RtH Search & Rescue
PH Police Dog
HGH Herding Dog
BIH Blind Leader Dog
Hunting Variety

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Oh yes we do have rules. Sorry..
The reason for this is that we have a name to protect, we are truly committed and love dogs.

Any dog to be admitted for training or for hotel facilities or boarding requires.

1- Health Certificate. All required vaccinations must be up to date. Vaccinations must have the bottle sticker and signed and stamped by qualified veterinarian. Date of vaccination must be within the sticker advised expiry date. Internal parasite treatment must have been applied.

2. A form will be given that must be filled by a qualified veterinarian. This form is a health certificate that states that your dog is in adequate shape for the program to be entered.

3. Many a time we will require a house visit before accepting your dog for training. If excuses are made your dog will most probably not be accepted. We have met people who say and actually believe that they love their dog yet can't be bothered to supply a decent living area, vet checkups and vaccinations, required exercising, grooming etc. If your dog is tied up, caged up or unhappy with its life then there is a very small chance of being accepted.

4. If your dog isn't on a boarding program then you must make sure that follow all advice. Eg. If you are asked to change your dogs diet then change it. If you are told to do certain things then do them. If you are told not to do certain things then don't do them. By no way try to imitate training at home without your dog instructors go ahead. Not being committed will result as an ending in training.

5. Training hours are important. Please do your best to comply. If you have frequent excuses for training then be expecting cancellations by us to! Keep it up and you will probably be told not to bother any more.

6. Do not beat your dog physically or mentally. Your dog will not be accepted.

7. Any dogs accepted that require rehabilitation, socialization, behavior correction etc. will require a correction period and only after successfully correction will signed course begin.

8. Do not ask for a training course to make your dog vicious. You will be rejected.

9. If you are somebody that will not follow instructions or believe that you know better then for the sake of skipping an argument you will probably find yourself not hearing from us. Since you know better then either do it yourself or find some one else.

10. All dogs bred and sold by us go through an unchanging sales routine. We will first want to talk to you. We will then want to see where you are planning of keeping the dog. You will be screened by the mother dog if acquiring a puppy and by the dog itself if grown up. Do not expect to choose a puppy, puppy's have their own character and each character has a match, you will receive results of our tests that will show each puppy's individual character and requirements. This will be your guide not color! You will receive a written agreement. This agreement is also a genetic health guarantee for HD. etc. Do not come with the idea of acquiring a dog bred by us for mating. We are very strict on this matter. Our dogs can only be mated with other dogs that we approve of. Only dogs of required standard, up bringing and training are allowed to be bred. If this is your idea then be open and honest and you will receive the required agreement and help.

11. All working breed dogs and any dog that has a "must be trained" tag must be trained. Training may be carried out by us, yourself or a qualified third party.