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Charlos from Gocmenkoy. HB training
KKTC bayragi, Sitenin Turkce versiyonu

K9 Training Center

Tetra E. Lev Praee. A very special Working German Shepherd Dog producer.. Aquired from Lev Praee Kennels Israel. Phto courtesy of Mr. Amnon Ben Ishack, former of IWGSDC.
Mango from Gonyeli FGO training
Mango from Gonyeli FGO training
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Training Programs
HB House Breaking
Bh Basic Companion Dog
FGO Foundational General Obedience
OB Obedience 1-3
SchH Schutzhund A,1-3
Wh Watch Dog Test

AD Endurance Test
FH Tracking 1-2
BpDh Railway Police Dog
LwH Avalanche Dog
ZH Customs Dog 1-3

ZFH Customs Tracking

PFP Police Tracking Dog
RtH Search & Rescue
PH Police Dog
HGH Herding Dog
BIH Blind Leader Dog
Hunting Variety

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NEWS Update

Kimon de Regatta is comming into season and will be mating in the newar future.
Mating: May.
Expected date of birth:15th July 2006
Partner to Mate: Working Line Stud Bob Runding.
Expected outcome: A mixture of heavilly sadled, and sable working line puppies.
Price: £450 (£350 for any stock coat born (father genes).)
As usual we will be giving joint partnership for those who will require to breed with the option of +£300 for single breeding ownership.
Trainng: puppy's shall be HB trained as usual (sit, sit for food, eat on command, shake hands, potty trained). FGO training will as usual be included in the price (total traning worth £250).
Minimul protection training as usual is a must.

Kimon has mated with our stud dog Bob on the 19th of May 2006. Vet check has confirmed the pregnancy. Reservations are now accepted.


Bording Facilities: New facilities are on the build we will be accepting further bookings from date: 1st Augast 2006. Higher HB training figures will now be accepted so our fully booked problem shall hopefully be now solved.


As from the 1st of July IWD style training programs have began.