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Charlos from Gocmenkoy. HB training
KKTC bayragi, Sitenin Turkce versiyonu

K9 Training Center

Tetra E. Lev Praee. A very special Working German Shepherd Dog producer.. Aquired from Lev Praee Kennels Israel. Phto courtesy of Mr. Amnon Ben Ishack, former of IWGSDC.
Mango from Gonyeli FGO training
Mango from Gonyeli FGO training
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Training Programs
HB House Breaking
Bh Basic Companion Dog
FGO Foundational General Obedience
OB Obedience 1-3
SchH Schutzhund A,1-3
Wh Watch Dog Test

AD Endurance Test
FH Tracking 1-2
BpDh Railway Police Dog
LwH Avalanche Dog
ZH Customs Dog 1-3

ZFH Customs Tracking

PFP Police Tracking Dog
RtH Search & Rescue
PH Police Dog
HGH Herding Dog
BIH Blind Leader Dog
Hunting Variety

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Dog Sales






We have connections with some of the world's top breeders that we acquire and import dog from time to time. This is the only way that we can hope to satisfy demand but alike us these breeders to have limited litters and also have problems satisfying demand. We are required to reserve puppies most generally before born and often before the dogs have actually bred. We import from Israel , Germany and Czechoslovakia . We have the puppies tested by the breeders and we choose according to their assumptions. When the puppy is at the age to leave the litter we generally fly in and pick-up the puppy ourselves. The reason for this is that we prefer to give the puppy a chance to get to know us whilst still with its siblings. This reduces the puppies stress factor when arriving. We have never had a problem with these foreign breeders. The puppies and dogs have always been exactly what we were told.
When importing an adult we will fly in and work with the adult for a few days before flying back. Like this we get to know from the breeders and the dog itself allot about him/her. This gives everybody a kick start; just like training, commands and handling of each dog varies each dog also has its own character. When importing a trained dog we prefer that the buyer flies to the breeder for a handling course by the breeder themselves.
If a buyer hasn't been to the breeder, we get the buyer accustomed and the dog accustomed with the buyer during the short quarantine stay.


Dog Sales:

We do not sell dogs to people that we do not know. We have very strict principles. We will first meet the buyer and they will tell us about themselves. We will want to know were the dog will be staying, what they tend to feed, if they had a dog before, who lives with them, visitors they have, where they live... If we like the buyer then we will also discuss what type of dog they want and what they are expecting from the dog that they wish to adopt. We will do our best to guide them. We will setup a house visit and see for ourselves.
All of our dogs are checked and tested. We know winch dog will do better or not with which family every breed has its book value. The book value will openly tell a person what to expect from the breed and if the breed is suitable for the family. Every dog has its own character. One dog may do excellent with a newly married couple but will not fit in with an elderly couple. Another will be the exact opposite. It is vitally important that the dog's character fits the family character. If not then the dog will never reach true potential, both sides may be upset with the adoption later on were if in the right hands the dog would have been thriving and the family utterly satisfied. This is the same with adult dogs and the same with the type of training that trained dogs have.
If we have puppies available that suite the family character, way of living etc. At the time we will show these puppies and explain each character and what is to be expected and what will be required for each. The buyer will then be able to pick out the best suitable.
I often here how a lady chose a car because of its color and then here men laughing at the situation. I have had a couple who had been through the same scenario yet when it came to adopt a dog the husband wanted a dog because of its color and didn't care that its character wouldn't fit in with his lifestyle or character. He left with a temper when he was told that he couldn't have the dog even though he offered triple the value. He kindly gave us to the police who came around investigating. The kind officers politely explained that if you sell a product then you do not have the right to discriminate between buyers! How they dared call the dogs products I still lam yet to understand. We tried to explain that they were not products but living creatures and were smiled up so we gave up trying to explain our cause and said well that's how we do business, if its a crime then book us or put us in jail and we left them to tend to daily business.




If you have a dog and wish for it to be trained then please do read.
We have many different training programs to offer but you must understand that just like when dealing with music a good ear for music is required. Certain breeds are better at different training programs then others. Different dogs are better at different things. We will require seeing your dog before accepting into a training program. We want to know if your dog has a chance of completing the course. We are very firm on handlers to. If you do not have what it takes for a certain program or only want the program for show but have no real use for the abilities that the dog will learn then your dog will not be accepted for those type of training programs. If we believe that you are not a responsible person or a family member isn't then we won't train your dog for certain programs. We do not accept dogs for training that are not cared for if we believe that you are not willing to change your ways.
We will first meet you and listen to what you require. We will then help you to choose a suitable program. We will meet and examine your dog. We will require seeing your dog's health certificate and we will give you a form to be filled in by your vet. We will also like to see you with your dog going for a walk, playing etc. We generally prefer to meet you and your dog at your own home to get a better picture.
When training begins it is vitally important that you accept and follow our advice. We may ask you to change food or feeding habits. We will ask you to do certain things with your dog and not to do certain things. Training will be postponed if we feel that you are not cooperating. Training will terminate if you continue to give excuses for missing training hours, not following advice... Fortunately this doesn't occur to often. Generally when we postpone training and tell owners why they sort things out in a short period and training continues in harmony. If you have problems accepting our advice and want to prove different please don't waist your time, have a look at our dogs and dogs that we have trained and decide for yourself if we do or do not know what we are talking about.

Often we find ourselves with people who want their dog trained for a certain program. There dog has been physically but more generally physiologically damaged due o upbringing. In such cases we will require that you fully cooperate to bring your dog to potential and then begin training. In such cases our role is charged separately and is not included in the training program price. We will discus such matters with you and agree on pricing before hand.

We rarely rehabilitate dogs that have been through bad protection work training. It is a very hard job and not always correctable. We will require seeing the amount of damage done before we can decide. The main reason for this is that there are a couple of people who believe that they are dog trainers. These people teach a dog 5 commands and one of the commands is an attack command. The training that they provide is not training but actually making the dog vicious. The dogs respond to the command like a switch triggering hatred and bad memory's these dogs generally turn their switch on when somebody is frightened. These dogs are generally scared and will easily accidentally kill somebody which is generally a child and there are a lot of examples throughout the world to prove this. The worst part is that these dogs do not have an off button either. We prefer not to get involved with such dogs and therefore advice to be picky with instructors, ask for a demonstration or be present at a show and see what they are getting into first. Our advice to owners that own such dogs, well you probably have the dog tied up or in a cage already because you know what he is capable off...


All dogs that we use in our breeding programs have been carefully selected. The selection process includes, hip and elbow control, breed angulations control, color and pigmentation, coat check, character check, temperament check and so on. We travel the world to find the dogs that we feel right for breeding and pay high prices for them. We have two types of searches. One is for a dog that will match a dog we already own and the second is for a male and female that are compatible. All dogs that we use for breeding are of their breed standard or better. We breed according to breed standards and aim to better. We do allow our stud dogs to breed with bitches owned by other people but we require checking that the bitch is up to its breed standard and is compatible with our stud.
We have a good breeding name and we will continue to protect it. This means that we will always only have limited litters and will most probably never satisfy demand.